The company

The company

Recard is an Italian company based in Lucca’s Tissue Valley which specialises in the customised design and manufacture of tissue paper plant and machinery using exclusively high quality Italian or European products.

Recard in Italy and across the world

The figures speak for themselves: more than 135 continuous machines installed throughout the world (Europe, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, India, China) half of which are Crescent Formers, many operating at productionspeeds of 2,000m/min.

Recard is the unrivalled leader in Lucca’s paper industry district, supplying some 50% of the tissue machines operating in the region and 60% of all Crescent Formers.

Machines installed throughout the world

Machines installed: 135 machines

Including 11 machines with a speed of 2,000 m/min

Recard in Lucca's tissue paper district

Of the companies specialising in the design and manufacture of tissue machines, we are the most important supplier to Lucca’s Paper Industry District. The Lucca District has more than 50 machines for tissue production, almost half of which were made by Recard.

The District has 29 Crescent Formers: some 60% of these (17 machines) were supplied by Recard. 12 machines currently operating have been converted to Crescent Formers; 50% of these (6 machines) have the Recard label.

10 new machines have been installed since 2000: 9 of these were designed and manufactured by Recard, with repeat orders from long-standing customers.
Machines installed in Lucca's paper industry district

Machines installed: 48%

Including Crescent Formers: 59%

Tissue machines installed in the last 15 years: 90%

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