Slitter - Rewinders

Slitter - Rewinders

As with all its machines, the rewinders supplied by Recard are distinguished by their simple design and especially solid structure.
Simple and reliable
Simple and reliable

Simple and reliable

The rewinder makes the difference: it complements the tissue production machine and completes the production cycle without having to outsource the service.

I vantaggi di Slitter-Rewinders

A machine of simple linear design and solid construction
can be fitted with 2, 3 or 4 unwinders
Enables rewinding of different widths of jumbo roll tissue, up to the maximum double format width of 5,600mm
can be fitted with both hydraulic and pneumatic controls
the reel density control system is reliable and effective, ensuring uniform winding volume and density
can be fitted with various cutting systems to meet the specific requirements of each customer
a variable crown calander ensures optimum efficiency and quality
Technology and craftsmanship
Technology and craftsmanship

Technology and craftsmanship

Recard rewinders are easy to use. They enable rapid cutting and pairing of anything from two to four plies, based on the customer’s requirements. They are distinguished by their simple design and solid structure.

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