The company

The company

Recard is an Italian company based in Lucca’s Tissue Valley which specialises in the customised design and manufacture of tissue paper plant and machinery using exclusively high quality Italian or European products


We pride ourselves on more than 50 years’ experience in the sector, continuing the cultural tradition of the Lucca region, as one of the leading companies in the field of tissue production and processing machinery and technology.

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Recard was founded in 1962 based on the commitment and passion of the brothers Piero and Luciano Cardinotti, along with Silvano Renieri. Over the years, the company has grown into a business with more than 70 employees and sales of over 35 million euros.

The Crescent Former achieves record speeds of 2,200 m/min
(The world record of 2,210 m/min is held by Valmet)
The first Recard Crescent Former to produce 2,000 m/min. Customer: Orchids (Oklahoma USA)
In the same year it received the accolade of the “fastest machine in the United States"
The first Recard Crescent Former machine
Customer: Tiscel (Spain)
The twin wire machine achieves speeds of 1,870 m/min
Customer: Kartocell (Lucca – Italia)
The first twin wire machine
Customer: Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti (Lucca – Italy)
33 PM1. The first suction breast roll machine
Customer: Imbalpaper (Lucca – Italy)
The first machine exported abroad
Customer: Madhupaper International (Nairobi – Kenya)
The first plain wire machine
Customer: Cartiera di Jesi (Jesi – Italy)
Recard manufactures the first tissue machine
Machine type: Mould cylinder
Customer: Perini Placido (Pistoia – Italy)
Recard began life as a maintenance machine shop.
It was founded by the two brothers Luciano and Piero Cardinotti along with their friend Renieri Silvano
Hence the name RE(Renieri) – CARD(Cardinotti)

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