Growing together in partnership: working with the customer from the start-up phase in order to exchange ideas, acquire valuable information and improve product performance. Our technicians guarantee a 24-hour full after-sales support service in order to minimise interruptions to the production cycle.

Our services

In our company, service is considered a key value for technology development and continuous understanding of a paper mill's actual requirements.
Dedicated after-sales service
The care given to our customers is manifest in the personalised support services that enable us to respond to all types of requests.
24-hour service
We offer a full 24-hour service providing continuous support from start-up onwards in order to minimise interruptions to the production cycle.
We can provide specific, customised training programmes. The courses provided by Recard on site are delivered by highly qualified engineers and technicians.
Employee training. This service is generally included in our contracts.
Mill survey
On request, Recard can undertake specific studies of production plant in order to optimise the process, efficiency and maintenance procedures.

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