Crescent former tissue machine

Crescent former tissue machine

Modern manufacturing processes place great emphasis on the speed at which tissue machines operate. Recard's Crescent Former is designed to optimise the actual operating speed, achieving a performance of up to 2,200 metres/minute.
Dynamic and technically advanced
Dynamic and technically advanced

Dynamic and technically advanced

With the Crescent Former TM, Recard guarantees maximum levels of performance thanks to the technological innovations available on the market today, the continuous improvements made to every machine and the company’s experience in the tissue sector extending over more than 50 years.

I vantaggi di Crescent former tissue machine

The absence of pick-up and the presence of forming felt result in softer paper. The absence of pick-up enables the production of ultra-light tissue (up to 10gsm on wire)
The Recard Crescent Former can operate at both low speeds (400-500 metres/minute) and high speeds (1,800-2,000 metres/minute). Our machines are able to produce high quality paper at all operating speeds
Easy to maintain
The simplicity of the Recard Crescent Former ensures reduced maintenance times and costs
The Crescent Former’s compact footprint requires less space for installation
The absence of conveyor wire on the Recard Crescent Former ensures lower operating costs than with the Twin Wire
The absence of any adhesives in the paste on our Crescent Former machines reduces operating problems
Easy to use
Our Crescent Former machines make it as easy as possible to switch from one grammage to another
Our environmental focus ensures minimum dispersion of fines from our machines
Technology and craftsmanship
Technology and craftsmanship

Technology and craftsmanship

The Crescent Former TM is the result of developments in technology combined with the improvements made to four machines manufactured in succession from the 1960s onwards (Plain Wire; Sloped Wire; Twin Wire C-Former; Twin Wire S-Former). The first Crescent Former was invented in the 1970s by the multinational Kimberly Clark, which held the patent until the 1990s.

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