The company

The company

Recard is an Italian company based in Lucca’s Tissue Valley which specialises in the customised design and manufacture of tissue paper plant and machinery using exclusively high quality Italian or European products.

Recard. the state of the art

The highest quality craftsmanship made in Italy for the best Tissue Paper Machines
Founded in 1962 by the brothers Piero and Luciano Cardinotti along with Silvano Renieri, Recard has grown to an industrial scale while maintaining the features of an "artisan laboratory". Knowledge, skill, a culture rooted in the region, a simplified organisation, a direct relationship with customers and flexible technology are the fundamental components of our corporate philosophy which enables us to respond individually to requirements at any level.

The customer is king

Customised machines
Our tissue machines are designed and manufactured tailor-made for each individual customer. At Recard we focus on the needs and specific requirements of all our customers, working closely in partnership with them.

Professional craftsmanship

Recard is at the centre of tissue machine production
Recard products are unique in combining the distinctive features of a sophisticated artisan product with the deep-rooted capacity for innovation and attention to detail in the field of technology and engineering.

Quality and excellence

Awareness and knowledge
With 56 years' experience in the sector and its highly professional team of engineers and technicians, Recard is able to guarantee machines of unparalleled quality and reliability made entirely in Italy. We do not compromise on the technical aspects in order to reduce production costs.

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