The real technological advancements are under the surface

Recard is a leader in the area of innovation and technology for tissue machines.

The professional qualifications and practical experience of our design team and engineers result in the superb quality of the machines.

Recard‘s systems have extremely short fabrication times and the performance is consistently superior to their contractual guarantees.

For Recard, cutting-edge technology means simplicity. We are unmatched in the ease of use of our systems. Our proprietary technology makes the difference by shortening the production cycle and simplifying the installation of our machines.

Recard provides comprehensive solutions, customized and ready to use for the production of tissue paper:


Turnkey plants from stock preparation to reel handling
Detailed engineering with 3D design
  • Mechanical and electrical supervision or Complete installation services
  • Recard can provide any package requested by the customer, fully technically supporting even parts of the system not directly provided by us
  • Recard machines guarantee usable finished product beginning with the first bobbin of tissue